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[sticky post] m_malcontent intro

So I have a few new people to the friends list....and I don't (until, apparently now) have one of those convenient sticky posts with all the relevant data.  So I'll sum up a few things here.

My real name is Fully, short for Fulton...if you want to make a joke about me weighing a "full ton" feel free, but I am gonna sit on you.

I am 41 (be 42 in mid July) and I currently live with my mother and aunt.  I am single but until semi-recently was engaged.

I act for community theater as an amateur and am somewhat in demand in Houston (but only as a volunteer, I have only acted for pay once).

I am a drunk (to me alcoholic implies someone in recovery, I am not). 

I live in Houston Texas, birthplace of humidity.  I am not currently employed, I got my B.A last year and did not do well in my first semester of Graduate school.  I do not believe I lack the intellectual firepower, but I do believe I am currently very tired of working hard for free.

I am the real life, good luck Chuck in that about 9 of 12 previous girlfriends have married or moved in with the next guy they dated after me. 

I weigh well over 300 pounds and I do not hate myself for that.  There are so many other perfectly valid reasons for me to be angry with myself, why get worked up over what I happen to look like.  I am big, I have always been big, I am not willing to let someone cut or drug me and have lost the same 40 lbs 11 times and am now officially "over it".

I have an IQ you could cook food with, but I am not very good at making money.  I used to have a sports gambling addiction to go with the booze...but I am not currently gambling.

Many of my past paramours are my weight or larger, I am not exclusively a "chubby chaser" but I find that dating larger women lets me date "above my station".  Most of my exes also have white hot IQ's.

My mother is a saint, but our relationship could charitably be described as co-dependent.

I've written a full-length play (Marital Bliss in Central Texas) which was well received at a staged reading and I am hoping to have performed as a precursor to getting it published.

I intend to get the "non LJ Idol" portion of this journal going again with this post.  If it would do you harm to read about a real life drunkard and his habit do NOT friend this journal.

I now open the floor for questions, my life is a fairly open book, so ask away.

I am also m_malcontent on yahoo messenger and as far as I know I am the only Fulton Fry on Facebook....so if you really want an OD of me...go for it.

I'm back, kids.

I am going to play in Gary's mini-season, because of lulz.

Three topic ideas.

Outposts in your head

April of Never

Trust everyone but cut the cards

Oct. 25th, 2015

This place still exists, eh....after a fashion anyway.  I guess you could say the same of me, I hope all of you are well.  Since I last engaged with this plaform I got married.  Nice wedding, church wedding, reception followed in a moose lodge catered by a pretty fair Tex Mex joint.  Almost all of the above was paid for by my late brother.

My wife is a really terriffic lady, but I am unsure if I have any business asking another to share what is still very much a messed up life.

It is not like I am entirely without positive moments, it is just the shadow of the negative ones is overwheming,  For instance last weekend I was at the Texas Rennaisance Festival.  I am not someone who lives for that kind of thing (though nothing but love for those who do).  And I had a really good, full time.  And about half a week later I was in a pit of drinking and gambling from which I thought I might totally lose all to.

When I get in such a state...there is a band of sweat around my neck, it is the most sour smell I can imagine.

The wedding itself was kind of her share of the prize.  It seems my practical girl always fantasied about her wedding.  She deserves all that and more, of course.  But now with the flowers dead and the pictures put away, I wonder what else I have to offer her.

I will survive, I have a certain, stubborn, biting on tinfoil quality that probably makes my problems worse but also gets me through them.


...my baby brother committed suicide......I am trying to hang in there..but I don't have a lot left, gang.
Alex, it sucks that you are gone.  I didn't know you well enough to take this as hard as I have.  Maybe it is because I saw a lot of me in you.  Addiction blows, this blows....I hope you are some better place..but I don't know if I believe in better places.

At least you are in no pain.


Congrats Whipchick!

Apparently we have an LJ Idol winner.  Pretty darn good choice by that community...she is a really, really talented lady.  Notodette is probably the most awesomest bridesmaid ever.......

I actually left the community before I had to vote on this one...but I hemmed and hawed a LOT.  In the end, ya'll couldn't have chosen wrong at this point...and I am happy to see how it turned out... Kudos to both and enjoy your well deserved accolades.

You're Welcome

Seriously though?  What is a reality show without a f'in villian?

Au Revoir!

I went ahead and left the LJ Idol community this morning. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to compete and triple grateful for the many excellent friends I met in the competition.

I'll still read entries for anyone who remains on my friend list.  Good luck guys and I hope this season ends in an awesome fashion and the next season is the best ever!


Home Game Week 37- Broke the Mode

You say I’m a drunk

I can’t argue that

Not when my breath peels

Your public façade

I crawl smiling over the broken glass

Because I know this too shall pass

And I won’t care about your carefully tousled hair

Or your marble-peach ass

You slapped my face with earnest, willful pride

Then put your calves on my shoulders that I might go deeper inside

You put on your war-paint, barbed up your wires and built up your wall

Said it was self-defense when you fucked him, while I drank in the hall

And in case my measured response wasn’t perfectly clear

He should have shaken my hand when I offered him beer

After all that hand once was good enough for you

I don’t see why in the hell he wouldn’t enjoy it too

Are you finding yourself my bright would-be wife

While the meds keep you balanced on the edge of a knife

Days are long, nights are rough

Did you think I’d just give up

A drink is just something to put in your cup

It doesn’t satisfy, you don’t satisfy, you never satisfied

I throw out charity to embrace an irony rich

He cheated with you, he cheats on you, it seems life’s a bitch

Makes me no mind then, stay away from me

Like cold won-ton soup congealing

Free with lunch combo “B”



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