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The only things holding us back are fear and good judgement!

I once ate a hot dog encased in bacon. And thus saw the face of God.

16 July 1970
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I am a Houstonian, a sports nut, a community theater actor, a playwright and the worlds oldest college student.

I work for Major League Baseball part time. I have a drinking and gambling problem that at times rear thier ugly heads...otherwise I get along ok.
acting, anton chekov, batting cages, bbq, beer, big girls, black humor, blackjack, blues, board games, boxing, bum phillips, cajun food, casablanca, cats, cheseburgers, chicken fried steak, chili, cooking, craps, crawfish, croutons, dance music, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dog racing, dr.pepper, drama, earl campbell, excalibur, family guy, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, film, fine arts, funny girls, galena park, girls with glasses, graphic novels, greek food, grilling, half court basketball, horse racing, houston, houston aeros, houston astros, houston oilers, houston rockets, houston texans, impromptu parties, improvisation, indian food, jack daniels, jambalaya, john boorman, john madden football, john sandford, kama sutra, lake tahoe, las vegas, left-wing politics, liberalism, little known bible characters, live music, loud music, maggie gyllenhaal, moliere, mr.yuk, naughty librarians, nicol williamson, noam chomsky, ntn trivia, performing arts, peter gabriel, philosopy, pink floyd, pro-choice, public enemy, queensryche, redheads, resevoir dogs, risk, robert b. parker, rpgs, seven card stud, simpsons, sleeping late, southern belles, spenser, sports, sports gambling, sportscenter, stagecraft, stanley kubrick, steely dan, tailgating, taquerias, tennesee williams, texas hold-em, the muppets, the quiet man, tombstone, trivia games, underwater basketweaving, university of houston, vodka, warhammer 40k, warner bros. cartoons, warren moon, what-if sports, white wolf games, women, writing, yao ming